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Important things to remember include the following: 

  • The worker must immediately notify the employer of the injury and file a claim form with the Workers' Compensation Commission with a specified period of time or lose all rights to any benefits. 

  • In addition, the worker has the absolute right to choose his/her own doctor.  Workers' compensation provide benefits for sudden accidental injuries and occupational diseases. 

  • There are also additional benefits for workers injured on the job and that suffer from other prior injuries and ailments as well.  These benefits come from the Subsequent Injury Fund. 

  • Finally, additional benefits may arise when a work related injury is had in connection with a third-party injury claim as well. 

Workers' compensation can be confusing, thus, you should always consult with an attorney.  Worker's compensation claims require no up front attorneys fees.  We handle workers' compensation claims  in Maryland and the District of Columbia.

  •     Complete name and address of your employer.

  •     Date, time and place of the injury, occupational disease or death.

  •     Names of any and all witnesses to the injury.

  •     Name of the supervisor your notified immediately following the accident.

  •     Copies of any photographs of the scene, the car and/or your injuries.

  •     Copies of the past thirteen (13) weeks of salary information.

  •     Copies of any written statements or forms you may have completed about the accident.

  •     Copies of any and all medical records and bills from any doctor, hospital, physical therapist, etc. who has provided healthcare for the injury.

  •     Copies of any and all disability slips received from your doctor.  This includes slips regarding your inability to work at all or to perform light duty.

  •     Copies of any and all receipts for any healthcare aide or prescription.

  •     A log of any and all trips to a doctor, hospital, medical lab, x-ray facility, etc. with the number of miles traveled each way.

  •     Information regarding any prior injury you may have sustained to the same area of the body.

  •     A list of any other injuries you have sustained ever.

  •     A list of any other health conditions you may have.  (ex.:  high blood pressure, diabetes, etc.)

  •     Information regarding any past workers' compensation claim you may have made in any state.

  •     Information regarding any past personal injury claim you may have had. (ex. auto accident, slip and fall, etc.)

  •     To get more information visit The MD Workers' Compensation Commission or click here for more helpful links.

Required Documentation for Initial Consultation

Workers Compensation

Worker's Compensation benefits provide workers with various benefits after a work-related injury.  These benefits include temporary total disability benefits while the worker is unable to work, prescription, mileage and health aide reimbursement and payment of medical fees and costs. 

The worker receives these benefits until he/she has been released from their doctor and are able to return to work.  Thereafter, the worker, depending upon the injury, is entitled to payment for whatever permanent injury may exist as a result of the accident.