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Personal Injury

Personal injury claims include injuries sustained in an automobile accident, as a result of a defective design, failure to warn of some danger, medical malpractice, wrongful death claims, lead paint poisoning and other major injuries. 

Depending on the injury, there are time limits in which a claim for benefits and/or a suit can be filed.  We can assist you with these types of claims in Maryland and the District of Columbia

Required Documentation for Initial Consultation

  •     Accurate information regarding the date, time and place of the injury or death.

  •     A copy of the police report.

  •     A copy of any information sheets completed at the scene of the accident.

  •     Information regarding the driver of the other vehicle.

  •     Names and addresses of any passengers that may have been in the car.

  •     Complete name and address of your employer, including annual or hourly salary and specific information regarding time lost from work.

  •     Names and address of any witnesses to the accident.

  •     Copies of any photographs of the scene, the car and/or your injuries.

  •     Information regarding the damage done to your vehicle.

  •     Copies of any written statements or forms you may have completed about the accident.

  •     Copies of any and all medical records and bills from any doctor, hospital, physical therapist, etc. who has provided healthcare for the injury.

  •     Copies of any and all disability slips received from your doctor.  This includes slips regarding your inability to work at all or to perform light duty.

  •     Copies of any and all receipts for any healthcare aide or prescription.

  •     A log of any and all trips to a doctor, hospital, medical lab, x-ray facility, etc. with the number of miles traveled each way.

  •     Information regarding any prior injury you may have sustained to the same area of the body.

  •     A list of any other injuries you have sustained at any time.

  •     A list of any other health conditions you may have.  (ex.:  high blood pressure, diabetes, etc.)

  •     Information regarding any past personal injury claim you may have had. (ex. auto accident, slip and fall, etc.)

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