How did your firm decide on the primary area of practice(s)?

The Kelsey Law Firm is committed to serving the community by providing honest, fair non-judgmental and respectful legal services. When you come to the Kelsey Law Firm, your case will be carefully and patiently heard so that you receive the best legal course of action for your situation and not what would be best for the firms' bottom line.

At the Kelsey Law Firm you will receive an honest assessment of your needs whether that means you become a client of ours or we offer you alternatives that lead you in another postive direction that also resolves your issue. If you follow us on Facebook, you will also learn of upcoming events wherein we offer free legal advice thru "Law Day" and "Ask-a-Lawyer" programs hosted by area churches. At the Kelsey Law Firm, we want to help you as best we can, when we can and where we can. Call us and let us help you.

What experience or education distinguishes your lawyers from others?

The Kelsey Law Firm has been managing a law office, in the Washington Metropolitan area for more than 20 years. During that time, the principal attorney, Ms. Kelsey has taught numerous legal studies courses at the University of Maryland University College. In fact, Ms. Kelsey assisted with the revision of the on-line course after the laws changed in 2005.  Since 2012, Ms. Kelsey has been sole counsel to the Prince George's County Department of Social Services, handling all of their child abuse and neglect appeals.  In addition, she has served as a Hearing Examiner for the Prince George's County Public School System since 2016 and a Commissioner on the Prince George's County Liquor Board since 2017.

​Most importantly, for the client, at the Kelsey Law Firm, there have been no grievance complaints pursued by the Attorney Grievance Commission. In fact, Ms. Kelsey actually serves as a peer review attorney for the State's Attorney Grievance Commission.  Her further service to the Commission includes her role as a conditional diversion attorney for other attorneys who have come to the attention of the Commission.  With this commitment to professional excellence, you can be sure that you will receive legal services that follow the rules of professional conduct. This includes having an attorney assigned to your case that is experienced, knowledgeable, concerned, thorough, committed, effective, on-time and accessible.

What distinguishes your law firm from others?

The Kelsey Law Firm is truly committed to serving the client. The office is equipped to communicate with their clients via phone or email during office hours. In addition, during non-working hours, the client is able to log-in to the clients' on-line case file, with their own personal log-in username and password. This allows the client to see exactly what is going on with their case in real time, 24/7, when it's convenient for them. The client is able to see what actions have taken place, what hearings are coming up, whether or not the attorney is in need of additional information, review secure messages, and receive and/or upload documents directly for immediate review, all privately and securely.

​The client is able to access this feature thru a desktop computer or smart phone app, so that they are connected to the firm at all times. Thus, there is never a time when the client doesn't know what's going on with their case. Finally, this services ensures that the clients documents are accessible to the client and always recoverable, at no additional charge, for years to come, in the event that any document is misplaced, lost or stolen. At the Kelsey Law Firm, the client is never left alone!

What is your firm's point of view regarding clients educating themselves on legal issues?

The Kelsey Law Firm believes that knowledge is power and when it comes to the client and their legal issues, we want the client to be an active and involved partner. The ultimate goal, at the Kelsey Law Firm, is to listen to the client, analyze the information provided and then ultimately provide the quality legal recommendations that was paid for and expected from the firm and that will work best for the client.

Does your firm provide pro bono legal services or otherwise participate in your community?

Yes, The Kelsey Law Firm has assisted the community, for years, by volunteering to coach high school students in mock trial events; volunteering to mediate small claims cases for the area District Courts, taking on qualified referred pro bono cases from area legal aid services and by regularly speaking at "Law Day" and "Ask-a-Lawyer" events hosted by area churches.

Ms. Kelsey is also a past president of the the J. Franklyn Bourne Bar Association (2016-2017), a local minority bar association that promotes the advancement of African-American attorneys in Prince George's and Montgomery Counties.  Prior to her presidency, she served one term each as corresponding secretary, recording secretary and president elect.  Ms. Kelsey also served four (4) terms as treasurer.  Among Ms. Kelsey's many other volunteer activities, she is also on the teller ministry of her church.

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