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  • Any and all marriage certificates.

  • Any and all prior divorce decrees

  • Copies of documents proving all current sources of income for the most recent 60 days immediately preceding the filing of your case for all wage earners in the household. This includes the following:

Required Documentation for Initial Consultation

Family law issues surrounding uncontested divorce, limited divorces, annulments and separation agreements.  Generally, there is no such thing as getting a "legal separation".  A separation begins when one party leaves the relationship.  In some instances of expected divorce, it is mandatory that a spouse leave the house before the time period can begin to run before the court will allow a divorce action to be filed.  If both spouses agree to a divorce, the time period is one (1) year.  If one spouse does not agree, the time period is two (2) years.   If one spouse returns to the house and spends just one night, the time period starts all over again. 

Uncontested divorces which run smoothly, can be completed in approximately  3- 4 months.  Contested divorces can take years.  Thus, it is strongly suggested that parties enter into a separation agreement in order to settle any and all outstanding issues surrounding child support, houses, cars, bills, insurance, retirement, visitation, etc.  This will greatly reduce time and future legal fees for both parties. 

With respect to annulments, generally, such an action can only be granted if the marriage is based on some sort of untruth, deception or incapacity to marry.  Otherwise, an annulment will not be granted and a divorce action must take place.  Contact us at (301) 390-9060 for assistance with divorce and separation in Maryland and the District of Columbia.

  • Pay stubs showing gross wages, salary, tips, bonuses, overtime, and commissions.

  • Net income from the operation of business, profession or farm.

  • Net rent and other real property income

  • Interest dividends and royalties

  • Pension and retirement income

  • Child or spousal support

  • Unemployment compensation

  • Any other income sources

Divorce & Separation

  • Last three (3) years State and Federal tax returns including all schedules, exhibits & copies of W-2s.

  • If self employed or operating a business in addition to regular employment, last two (2) years State and Federal corporate tax return, as applicable and three (3) months bank statements for all accounts.

  • Payoff figures or statements regarding any and all joint secured debt payments such as real property mortgages, vehicle loans, furniture payments, computer or other electronics payments, etc.

  • Information regarding any and all retirement plans for both the husband and wife.

  • Copies of any divorce settlements, separation agreements and child support orders, and any court-ordered amendments that may be effect.

  • Proof of ownership of any and all real property and a market analysis or appraisal for all real property in which the debtor has an interest. You may find information regarding proof of ownership and neighborhood sales at the  SDAT website.

  • Documentation of cash value of life insurance policies for the husband and wife.

  • Documentation of any pending personal injury claims or potential inheritance.

  • Payoff and fair market value information relating to any and all cars on which your and/or your husband's name is on the title.  You may obtain this information at the  NADA website.

  • Names and ages of all children and dependents.

  • Information regarding the value of any and all retirement plans (thrift savings, 401K, 403B, Valik, etc.).

  • Names and addresses of any and all co-signors on any debt.

  • Estimated amount of any income tax refund you expect to receive.