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  •  If self employed or operating a business in addition to regular employment, last two (2) years State and Federal corporate tax return, as applicable and three (3) months bank statements for all accounts.

  • Copies of any divorce settlement agreements, separation agreements and child support orders, and any court-ordered amendments that may exist for the natural parent and the adopting parent.

  • Names and ages of all children and dependents of both the natural parent and the adopting parent.


Required Documents For Your First Consultation

  •     Birth certificate of the child to be adopted.

  •     Birth certificate of the natural and adopting parent.

  •     Any and all marriage and/or divorce documents that may have ever existed for the natural parent and the adopting parent.

  •     A signed consent from the non-participating natural parent.

  •     A signed consent from the minor child if he/she is over ten (10) years of age.

  •     A death certificate of the non-participating natural parent if he/she is deceased.

  •     Past year's school records for the child to be adopted, accompanied by letters of progress from two (2) individual school officials regarding the child to be adopted.

  •     Letter from the child's physician regarding their current health status.

  •     Letter from the adopting parent's physician regarding their current health status.

  •     Two (2) reference letters from friends, neighbors, clergymen, etc. regarding their opinion as to the fitness of the adopting parent to adopt the child.

  •     Copies of documents proving all current sources of household income for the most recent 60 days immediately preceding the filing of your case for all wage earners in the household. This includes the following:
  • Pay stubs showing gross wages, salary, tips, bonuses, overtime, and commissions.

  • Net income from the operation of business, profession or farm.

  • Net rent and other real property income.

  • Interest dividends and royalties.

  • Pension and retirement income.

  • Child or spousal support.

  • Unemployment compensation.

  • Any other income sources.


Adoption proceedings in the State of Maryland are allowed between a natural mother and step-father, a natural father and step-mother or any other family member or person who wishes to adopt a child from the natural parents.  It is important to note that consent must be given by BOTH natural parents before a child may be adopted by a third person. 

This is true even if one of the parents is not active in the child's life.  In this situation, notice must be given to the non-participating parent and legal proceedings help to have that parents parental rights terminated before any adoption may proceed. 

In addition, it is general practice for the court to require an in-home assessment of the child's living surroundings.  Generally adoption is a very emotional time and is best handled by an attorney.  Ms. Kelsey can assist you with such proceedings in Maryland and the District of Columbia.