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Bankuptcy (Chapter 7 & Chapter 13):

Chapter 7 bankruptcy allows the debtor to obtain a complete discharge from all dischargeable debts.  This is the most complete form of a bankruptcy fresh start available.  Chapter 13 bankruptcy allows the debtor to reorganize existing debt while putting a complete stop to foreclosures, repossessions, wage garnishments and tax liens.  In most instances and depending upon the circumstances, both chapters allow the debtor to keep homes and cars if that is the debtor's wish.  In addition, upon the filing of either chapter, collection actions, garnishments, creditor harrassment, etc.  Ms. Kelsey handles cases in both Maryland and the District of Columbia. Documents necessary for my first meeting. Back to Top
Estate Administration/Probate:

Services include will, living wills & power of attorney preparation.  Powers of attorney allows you to designate a person handle some form of your business when it is inconvenient for you to do so.  These documents are in effect while you are alive.  A living will provides your loved ones and your doctors with information regarding your wishes for medical care and treatment when you are unable to speak or communicate for your self.  Specific instructions may surround your wish to have or not have a blood transfusion, certain medications, respirator assistance or any other source of life support.  Finally, a will is necessary to tell your loved ones about your wishes for your property distribution after you have passed away.  Many people think they don't need a will, but did you know that a spouse who has children does not receive the entire estate if there is no will?  The estate is shared between the spouse and any surviving children unless a will directs otherwise.

In addition, the office offers services with probate and estate  administration regarding the deceased person's estate.  Estate Administration is necessary in order to handle the final affairs of a departed loved one.  Remaining heirs are not able to sell cars or homes or transfer assets unless an estate is opened.  Ms. Kelsey can assist you with these issues in Maryland and the District of Columbia. Documents necessary for my first meeting.  Back to Top
Workers' Compensation:

Worker's Compensation benefits provide workers with various benefits after a work-related injury.  These benefits include temporary total disability benefits while the worker is unable to work, prescription, mileage and health aide reimbursement and payment of medical fees and costs.  The worker receives these benefits until he/she has been released from their doctor and are able to return to work.  Thereafter, the worker, depending upon the injury, is entitled to payment for whatever permanent injury may exist as a result of the accident.  Important things to remember include the following:  The worker must immediately notify the employer of the injury and file a claim form with the Workers' Compensation Commission with a specified period of time or lose all rights to any benefits.  In addition, the worker has the absolute right to choose his/her own doctor.  Workers' compensation provide benefits for sudden accidental injuries and occupational diseases.  There are also additional benefits for workers injured on the job and that suffer from other prior injuries and ailments as well.  These benefits come from the Subsequent Injury Fund.  Finally, additional benefits may arise when a work related injury is had in connection with a third-party injury claim as well.  Workers' compensation can be confusing, thus, you should always consult with an attorney.  Worker's compensation claims require no up front attorneys fees.  Ms. Kelsey handles workers' compensation claims  in Maryland and the District of Columbia. Documents necessary for my first meeting.  Back to Top
Personal Injury:

Personal injury claims include injuries sustained in an automobile accident, as a result of a defective design, failure to warn of some danger, medical malpractice, wrongful death claims, lead paint poisoning and other major injuries.  Depending on the injury, there are time limits in which a claim for benefits and/or a suit can be filed.  Ms. Kelsey can assist you with these types of claims in Maryland and the District of Columbia. Documents necessary for my first meeting.  Back to Top
Divorce & Separation:

Family law issues surrounding uncontested divorce, limited divorces, annulments and separation agreements.  Generally, there is no such thing as getting a "legal separation".  A separation begins when one party leaves the relationship.  In some instances of expected divorce, it is mandatory that a spouse leave the house before the time period can begin to run before the court will allow a divorce action to be filed.  If both spouses agree to a divorce, the time period is one (1) year.  If one spouse does not agree, the time period is two (2) years.  If one spouse returns to the house and spends just one night, the time period starts all over again.  Uncontested divorces which run smoothly, can be completed in approximately  3- 4 months.  Contested divorces can take years.  Thus, it is strongly suggested that parties enter into a separation agreement in order to settle any and all outstanding issues surrounding child support, houses, cars, bills, insurance, retirement, visitation, etc.  This will greatly reduce time and future legal fees for both parties.  With respect to annulments, generally, such an action can only be granted if the marriage is based on some sort of untruth, deception or incapacity to marry.  Otherwise, an annulment will not be granted and a divorce action must take place.  Contact Ms. Kelsey who can assist you with divorce and separation in Maryland and the District of Columbia.  Documents necessary for my first meeting.  Back to Top

Adoption proceedings in the State of Maryland are allowed between a natural mother and step-father, a natural father and step-mother or any other family member or person who wishes to adopt a child from the natural parents.  It is important to note that consent must be given by BOTH natural parents before a child may be adopted by a third person.  This is true even if one of the parents is not active in the child's life.  In this situation, notice must be given to the non-participating parent and legal proceedings help to have that parents parental rights terminated before any adoption may proceed.  In addition, it is general practice for the court to require an in-home assessment of the child's living surroundings.  Generally adoption is a very emotional time and is best handled by an attorney.  Ms. Kelsey can assist you with such proceedings in Maryland and the District of Columbia. Documents necessary for my first meeting.  Back to Top


There are two types of guardianship that may be had.  Guardianship over the person and/or guardianship over the persons property.  In both instances, a petition must be filed with the court.  In order to obtain guardianship over a person, it must be shown that the person is not capable of making his/her own decisions.  This must be supported by medical records from two separate physicians.  In addition, the Court will appoint an outside attorney to do an independent evaluation of the person and file recommendations with the court.  Guardianships can be confusing and is best obtained with the assistance of an attorney.  Ms. Kelsey can assist you with these proceedings in Maryland and the District of Columbia. Back to Top

Name Change:

In the State of Maryland, name changes require the filing of a petition with the court and subsequent publication in local newspapers to notify all interested persons of the change.  A name change can be completed in approximately ninety (90) days.  Name changes will only be granted for purposes that do not indicate fraud, misrepresentation or an illegal purpose.  A name change may also be had as part of a divorce action.  Should you wish to change your name, Ms. Kelsey can assist you in Maryland and the District of Columbia. Documents necessary for my first meeting.  Back to Top


Collections proceeds must be handled pursuant to the Fair Debt Collections Act.  Failure to properly collect a debt can lead to cross-claims, suits and judgments against the original creditor.  The creditor must provide specific notice and verification of the debt according to the Act.  In addition, in order to formally collect on the debt by way of wage garnishment, a suit must first be filed.  Suits can be filed in the District Court or the Circuit Courts of Maryland and can be filed as a small or large claim.  Small claim suits proceed through the courts at a much quicker rate given proper services, documentation, etc.  Smaller claims, when not handled properly or when confronted with a filed bankruptcy, along with larger claims can take years.  There are many steps to collecting a debt which should be handled by an attorney.  Ms. Kelsey can assist you with your collection efforts in Maryland and the District of Columbia.  Back to Top

Creditor Rights & Remedies:

       Creditor rights include state law based collection of debts including suit filing, lien attachments, wage  garnishments, etc.  In addition, Ms Kelsey also provides representation of creditors in matters involving bankruptcy.  Bankruptcy related creditor services are provided to the small and large unsecured and secured creditor, including, the preparation and filing of proofs of claims, motions for relief from stay, consent agreements, affidavits of default, objections to confirmation and objections to discharge and dischargeability.  Ms. Kelsey is available to assist with cases in Maryland and the District of Columbia.  Back to Top
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